A reputable, qualified commercial plumbing service can be hard to find. Low quality, high cost work is readily available, but finding a dedicated commercial plumber ready to meet your needs is often challenging.

At Matthew Kandefer Plumbing, we are here for our commercial clients and strive to meet their every need. Our highly skilled and professional technicians are here to help with your:

  • Plumbing repairs – repairing problems such as leaking faucets and clogged drains before they become larger, more costly problems.
  • Expert Installation – quick, competent installation of everything from faucets and toilets to sump pumps to serve you and your business.
  • Maintenance – ongoing, quality attention to your existing systems to provide you peace of mind and security that you won’t encounter inconvenient and costly issues down the road.

Call Matthew Kandefer Plumbing for all your commercial plumbing needs, and see what having a trusted & true plumbing partner is all about!

Commercial Drain & Sewer

Commercial buildings, like residential dwellings, require attention to plumbing. Unlike residences, they often produce more waste, and often require speciality equipment to properly process their waste. For this reason, businesses need a trusted partner to handle their plumbing needs, from the most simple issues to those more complex. Mathewt Kandefer Plumbing is here to all your commercial plumbing needs.

When it comes to repairs, we understand that your business is your livelihood, and problems that might be smaller for a residence – clogs and leaks – can greatly interrupt your workflow and source of income. Responding to these issues quickly and expertly is crucial, and is a hallmark of our commercial plumbing service. Conversely, maintenance is an issue commercial and residential plumbing share. Timely and skilled maintenance can not only help avoid inconvenient and unsafe problems down the road, but can increase efficiencies in your system year round. Call Matthew Kandefer Plumbing today for all your commercial plumbing needs!

Commercial Piping

Piping systems for commercial properties and businesses is often far more complex than residential pipe systems. They are built to handle much larger volumes than homes, and often serve as more complex systems that need to reach and serve multiple floors and areas. Commercial piping needs to be sturdier and have more longevity than residential systems, even though it takes the same seasonal beating and as residential systems – as such, a qualified and expert team is needed to ensure each piping system is ready and appropriate for each business to function properly.

At Matt Kandefer Plumbing, we handle your comercial piping needs with speed and care, often on short notice, to repair your piping issues mitigate disruption to your business, and get you up and running again quickly. For emergency situations, we are available 24/7 to respond with urgency and help you assess damage and steps forward to resolution. With our technicians at the ready, you can get your problems fixed and be operational as soon as possible!

Commercial Water Heaters

In Buffalo, commercial water heaters are especially essential to ensuring your customers and clients have the most positive experience possible, even through the region’s coldest months. Often, commercial water heaters must meet a higher demand and produce a great volume than residential water heaters, and they are frequently specialized to service your particular business needs. At Matthew Kandefer Plumbing, our technicians are knowledgeable of all water heater types and capabilities, and can see your business from installation to maintenance and repair.

Have a business that requires a unique water heater? Our specialized and experienced professionals can advise you as to the most effective and reliable unit, and handle both the installation and general maintenance/upkeep to ensure your product is working efficiently and safely year round. Call Matthew Kandefer Plumbing and enjoy guaranteed, timely response and expert handling of even your most emergent commercial water heater needs.

Commercial Jetting

As with residences, commercial properties can experience standard plumbing issues. Clogs are no exception. Unlike residential properties, people tend to be harder on commercial plumbing – they are less careful and cognizant of the things they are flushing, and take less care to avoid backup and clogs. After all, it’s your problem, not theirs! Knowing this, it’s unsurprising that commercial clogs occur with greater frequency, and are often more difficult to treat. Ultimately, commercial jetting may be required to remedy your clog.


Commercial jetting allows us to quickly and effectively maneuver complicated commercial pipe systems easily, and without damage to your pipes or the environment. No chemicals or damaging tools are used – just water. However, it is always advised that business owners utilize trained experts who are skilled at handling the jetting process. Matthew Kandefer Plumbing has the experience and skill to handle your commercial jetting needs quickly, safely, and effectively to get your business up and running again!

Grease Traps

In Buffalo, so many of the commercial properties we encounter are restaurants. Restaurants bring their own unique plumbing challenges and needs, but they all share a common issue – safe disposal of grease. As such, properly installed and maintained grease traps are absolutely necessary. Matthew Kandefer Plumbing is experienced with grease traps, and offers professional handling of installation, maintenance, repair and replacement – whatever your business requires!

Not only are the technicians at Matthew Kandefer Plumbing experienced with the installation of grease traps, we offer regular maintenance and cleaning to remove grease build up, and ensure that your traps are working properly to keep your pipes clear. As restaurant owners rely heavily on their plumbing systems, and problems often arise on an emergency basis, our professionals are able to get to you quickly, remedying the problem without real interruption in your service. Call Matthew Kandefer Plumbing today and see what a difference a speedy, professional plumbing partner can make!

Floor Drainage

Many Buffalo commercial properties employ the use of floor drains to facilitate cleaning and drainage in heavily trafficked areas. However, as with all other pipes, these drains can experience problems that need to be fixed quickly and expertly. The technicians at Matthew Kandefer Plumbing have the expertise and speed you’re looking for when your floor drain encounters a malfunction or failure.

Leaks, corrosion, general damage and clogs are all problems floor drains can experience – and as they are often found in heavily used areas that undergo frequent cleaning and mopping, these issues can arise more frequently. Unfortunately, as floor drains are part of your commercial space, any malfunction can disrupt your business and disrupt your workflow. The experts at Matt Kandefer Plumbing understand this inconvenience, and treat the repair process with urgency and precision.

If you are experiencing an issue with your floor drain(s), or would like to have floor drains installed in new spaces within your business,  Kandefer Plumbing has your back. Call us today to schedule a visit from one of our skilled technicians, and let us get your business back in working order quickly!

Backflow Testing & Prevention

One of the most hazardous issues a home plumbing system can face is backflow. When backflow issues occur, sewage can back up from your water/sewer system into your drinking water, exposing your family to dangerous, contaminated drinking water. Likewise, backflow problems allow your sewage to escape into your city’s water source, putting your neighbors at risk as well. For this reason, backflow prevention is one of the most important parts of your home plumbing system.

Due to the critical nature of having a healthy backflow prevention system in place, we recommend that you give us a call to test your system, and allow us to determine if you need simple repairs, or a full-system replacement. If a full replacement is needed, you can trust that we will provide you with a high quality system, where all parts work properly, and repair issues are remedied before they occur. Our certified technicians are readily available to handle your issues immediately, and will the skill and competence you need to ensure your family’s continued safety and security.